Blue Division

Right from the start, first with Gino Sangoi as founder of the Group and then with Andrea Sangoi as creator of the “Service center for the processing of steel flat products”, our ethical values have never changed, on the contrary they have become a heritage for the following generation currently running the group. Knowledge of materials, respect for stakeholders, along with our commitment to customizing our services in order to meet our clients’ requirements effectively and competently, are among these values. Here is the key to success for the SANGOI Group: careful selection of the best raw materials and constant monitoring of the company organization even through our customers’ feedback, whose contribution to our technical and economical development has always been precious.
BLUE DIVISION provides all steel strips and sheets supplies both in standard and customized sizes. With its ten cutting lines, six flatting plants and a wide range of materials, SANGOI Group can offer a wide range of steel flat products for several uses.
Thanks to its strategic location, SANGOI Group is well connected to the main communication routes, such as Trieste and Venice international ports, and the Pan-European Corridor V (Lisbon-Kiev), making it particularly convenient to Central-Eastern European markets.

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